Room 201, Building 402
Blockchain R&D Lab
Curtin University
Perth, Australia


Why Blockchain?
Don't get left in the dark!

Move to the future of Web 3.0!

Be apart of the changing web. Take back ownership of your data and relax in the safety of better privacy and security with blockchain technology. Bring back the power to the people.

  • Decentralized
  • More Privacy
  • More Security
  • Data Ownership

Anything 2 Blockchain
Made for the people


Share your data with anyone! Groups allow you to post transactions to the people that need it most. Easily create groups and share data to business partners, suppliers, distributers or Sally next door.


Get access to 100s of templates to easily upload and format your data. Seamlessly transfer information to the blockchain with industry specific and user generated templates.

No Wallet

No keys. No word phrase. No Hassle. A2B handles the gritty end of blockchain to provide you with an effortless connection to this new age of technology.

No Coding

Don't know how to program? No worries! Create and post to the blockchain at the tap of a button without any prior coding experience.

Upload Anything

From text to images to your favourite Adam Sandler movie. Upload anything to the blockchain with A2B.

Transaction Fees

See your transaction fees before a cent leaves your account.


From Agriculture to Wine
And Everything Inbetween

Browse our massive range of templates for every industry. Still not right for you? Customize the templates to suit your specific needs or even create a template from the ground up to get that perfect fit.