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Animal Breeding

Introduction of the industry including the size/market share

Animal breeding is the practise of breeding high-quality animals to generate more productive and suitable offspring that will perform better overall in future generations and increase output and profitability.

There are two types of mating systems

a) Natural propagation/mating:  Mating of animals by natural means.

b)   Artificial insemination (AI): Mating is done through artificial means by collecting semen from male and the inseminating the females.

Types of breeding

a) Inbreeding: Breeding of the related animals as male and female are known as inbreeding.

b)   Outbreeding: Out breeding of unrelated animals as male and female is known as out breeding.

The market of the breeding from the period of 2016-20 is 4.2 billion (USD) the value projection for the year 2027 is 6.5 billion (USD).

Impact of the current problem

The last decades of developments in animal breeding, genetics, genomics and data recording technologies have allowed the evaluation of larger numbers of animal and animal traits than ever before. This should help make animal breeding choices more informed, but it also makes them far more complex. According to the findings of the analyses of complex decisions in other fields, the complexity of animal breeding choices is likely to lead to farmers using conscious or unconscious simplifying strategies (heuristics) to handle such complexity.

Solution with A2B

The main problem in the breeding is that animals treated bad by just sending them to be mating without stopping just like a machine. The solution which A2B comes up is once an animal is sent to mating, we would record each detail by uploading the details in the app, which can record each track of the animal and in future with the records available in the blockchain we can analyse and create reports out of them for the better life of the animals to live longer.


A group of people can access the same application login and upload the details as the workers changes as per roster.

A mini dashboard can be created with the data entered and have a better view of it.


Everyone with access to mobile and internet can get access to the application and to the data.

# Longliveofanimals

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