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Affordable Blockchain Solutions with A2B

How A2B offers affordable Blockchain solutions to businesses and individuals?

In the blog article we will explain how A2B offers affordable blockchain solutions to businesses and individuals.

A2B will allow companies and individuals to affordably adopt Blockchain technology without significant upfront investment in developing customised blockchain solutions. We are developing industry specific blockchain templates that companies can customise to suit their specific needs and decide what to capture and record on the blockchain.

For example, we have developed a blockchain template for the wine industry. Any winery can now easily create an account on A2B and customise the Wine template and start capture information and recording it on the blockchain.

Similarly, there are templates for agriculture, mining, recycling, manufacturing, and so on.

The template concept aims to completely eliminate the need for doing any custom blockchain development, instead companies can find a suitable template and customise it to their needs. Anyone can design or edit these templates and start recording information to the blockchain.

It’s a completely “no-code” approach.

Our researchers are building effective ways to design templates and validated it with end users to gather feedback and continuously improve the templates. Automatic template creation is another feature that we are currently working on.

Our aim is to make blockchain adoption simple and affordable.

More details coming soon. Stay tuned.

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