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Wine Industry

Ever taken a trip Down South and noticed you keep driving past the same scenery? Wineries. With over 2000 wineries across Australia and over $45 billion dollars injected into Australia’s economy solely due to the wine industry, it is to no surprise that this sector is booming and will continue to thrive. With a growing and ever-expanding industry invites opportunities to improve the underlying infrastructure.

A nice glass of wine comes a long way; from grape vine, to crushing, to fermentation, to bottling and to distribution. At every step there requires:

–         Trust from both parties

–         Methodology to ensure every transaction, service and invoice is correct and safely stored-         Key information specific to the product and process

Why A2B?

Blockchain technologies is a rising sector that can not only solve many issues that may occur within this multi-stage process, but allow for an easier, more intuitive, and a seamless experience between the partners at every step.

A digital ledger:

Instead of storing invoices on paper or on some random database, storing transaction history on a blockchain provides a decentralised method with impeccable security and privacy options. Blockchains are immutable ledgers that can stand the test of time and with A2B, finding and viewing past transactions could not be easier. This solution also allows both parties to verify what has been agreed upon, no discrepancies on what was meant to be ordered or what was delivered. Privileged groups can look back on these transactions and take comfort in authenticity and immutability of agreements.

No Paper, No Worries:

With a blockchain solution it removes the need for paper invoices. A supplier and receiving business would be able to both view the same copy of the invoice and even digitally sign and update when stock has been received. The digital nature and immutability of the blockchain innately settles any disputes, as both parties have a copy of the exact same agreement and know that it cannot be changed.

Better Information:

Information about the product can be stored on the blockchain to allow customers quick access to trusted resources about the products they are consuming or purchasing.

An easy step towards the future:

A2B provides a generic template for wine invoices that allows retailers and restaurants to easily begin their transition to a blockchain solution. Easily translate data from existing invoices to the template and store your data on a blockchain to enjoy the benefits of immutability and security.

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